Paul Schumacher

Paul Schumacher


Paul Schumacher’s first novel, LITTLE RED WOLF, is a Young Adult fantasy which was written with adults in mind.  It will be published Autumn 2011 by The Little Things Publishing.

"I am an old soul with a young heart. As a fire sign I get a little overly impassioned about things. As a result, I have worked long and hard to find a proper outlet for this passion. I focus my passion into novels and hope that I can touch the world with my message... in a positive way." 

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Paul Schumacher fell in love with video games at the age of three and became a die hard role player at age ten.  These role playing games include Dungeons and Dragons, White Wolf’s World of Darkness, and West End Game’s Star Wars System.  As the primary Game Master in his friendship circle, Paul spent hours creating maps, characters, and telling on-the-fly stories with his friends which often went places no one ever expected them to.  In this tradition continues in his books which are based on adventures which can change as the characters will them to change.

Paul spent five years in the United States Army before attending Illinois State University to achieve his B.A. in English.  He currently works as a private security officer at a hospital and tries to use his down time to e-mail himself bits of story.  Paul is getting married in October to his beloved Rebecca and they are having a Masquerade Ball.

Random Facts About Paul

 - Born and raised in Illinois near Chicago.

 - Prefers smaller towns to big cities.

 - Was deployed to South Korea for a year and loved it!

 - Is a political moderate (meaning both sides dislike him)

 - Is owned by an adorable cat named Gobi (like the desert) 

 - Is into Video Games, Dungeons & Dragons, and Anime